Upajeevanam: A Government Aid to start small scale business through Kudumbashree

Upajeevanam: A Government Aid to start small scale business through Kudumbashree : After the outcome covid 19 Pandemic, many individuals has lost their jobs, Many weren’t unable to return abroad and so on. By viewing this the Government of Kerala has taken an initiative through the Kudambashree to avail loan to the individuals who are intended to set up a small scale unit.


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This loan can be applied either individually or by group to set up a business or to start a self-employment. The interested individual or group can apply for this loan through kudumbashree on or before 15-10-2020.

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Mainly this is to help the individuals to set up a small scale unit or to nurture and bring up cattles like cow, goat etc, or to set up a bakery items manufacturing unit etc.. This loan is also eligible to the emigrant who lost their job in the current scenario.

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The application must include;

  1. Whether the loan is availed self or by group? (The group must contain minimum of 3 members)
  2. If availed individually, the details regarding those must be informed to ADS.
  3. If any training is required, then it must also be included in the application.
  4. Age, Category and educational qualifications of the applicant ,must be included.
  5. Are you a kudumbashree member?
  6. Have you lost the job due to covid 19?
  7. If yes, what were your last profession?
  8. What type of initiative are trying to set up?
  9. How much investment is required to set up the initiative?
  10. Have you underwent any training to set a business?

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Either the applicant or any of the family member of the applicant must be a kudumbashree member in order to avail this loan. All the application regarding this has to be submitted to CDS of concerned Panchayat.

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