How Can You Identify Covid 19? The things you must know about Covid 19

We were very conscious when the cases of the covid 19 pandemic were very limited number. There were many Campaigns undertaken to limit the number of cases of Covid 19 like, Break the chain, Social distancing, hand Wash Challenge etc.. But the situations have changed. Now people doesn’t care much on Corona virus, without even thinking that the currently the cases have crossed ten thousand. people directly approach crowd without even taking necessary measures to prevent the spread of the  corona virus.

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According to the statistics of World Health Organization, if there is four positive cases in a test conducted among 100 persons randomly, then it is considered to be a critical situation. But as in the case of Kerala, the percentage is 14. That means much more than what the WHO has warned.

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Now lets look how to identify the symptoms of corona. At the initial stage of the outbreak of this pandemic, it is said to be identified that fever, body pain, cough with throat pain and suffocation were the main symptoms of covid 19. But after these 10 months has covered, many other symptoms are also considered to be as the symptoms of covid 19. And any three among them is present in any individual’s body, then he can be considered  as the person who is having covid 19. Fever with severe body pain, chillness with fever are the main symptoms showing in the major cases. Along with this throat pain especially when waking in the morning, head ache, sensation of presence of something in throat, raucity, vomiting sensation are the other symptoms that commonly shows in a person who have covid 19. Moreover in many cases the difficulty in sensing smell and taste are also a symptom. But these above said symptoms are only seen in 35 percentage of the cases. But in rest of 65% cases, there may not be much symptoms, only a light temperature with cold or not having any symptoms are the cases to the rest of 65%.

Major symptoms are specifying below

  • Fever
  • Head Ache
  • Body Pain
  • difficulty in sensing smell and taste
  • Suffocation
  • Chillness
  • Irritation to stomach
  • Vomiting Sensation
  • Loose Motion

Any person with any three of the above said symptom may be considered as a person suffering from Covid 19. So they must be more conscious. But a person with any three of the above also categorized as follows

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  1.  he or she has a social contact
  2. He or She is a social worker, who continuously interact with many people(like as a collection agent, or a distributor etc), or a Health worker(doctor, nurse, cleaning staff etc..)
  3.  He or she is living in a place where the covid is spreading fastly
  4.  he or she has a contact with a covid patient (either primary contact or secondary contact)

in these  situation a person with those symptom must seriously self conscious and should contact with any health helpline or take a test and take appropriate actions to avoid spreading of the pandemic. The person other than these categories need not be panic when they have any of the symptoms said above. lets hope that this pandemic will vanish from the earth soon.

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