Pravasi Pension Scheme, Kerala

The Kerala Pravasi Welfare Fund is the scheme which is propounded by the state government of Kerala for the betterment of Non Resident of India or Kerala(Emigrant). The data of the Kerala Pravasi Welfare Board states that about 4 lakhs of emigrants have registered under this scheme and exercising the benefit from it.

The emigrant or Non- Resident India must pay a monthly  rupees 300 and if they return from abroad and started to live in India itself, then they need to remit only  rupees 100. In the case of Non Resident Keralites, must pay a monthly fee of rupees 100 until he shift to Kerala itself. after he shift to Kerala hen need to pay 50 only.

Now lets look the benefit of this scheme. A person who pay the monthly to the pension scheme until his age of 60 will receive an amount of rupees 2000 after the age of 60. The demise of the pension holder will allow any of the family member of the holder will get the 50% of the pension amount. If the death of the holder is either by accident or by disease, then the family member will receive a financial aid upto rupees 50,000. In addition to this there will be other benefits like treatment cost of the family member if the holder and the pregnancies’ aid to any member upto a limit of 3000, and also a education grand to the child of the holder to a limit of 4000.


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