Convert Normal Inverter to Solar Inverter

Now a days every home have one Inverter. It may be of different companies and with different capacities. Normally we use electricity to charge an inverter in our home. What about if the Inverter can be charged with Solar? or make it a solar inverter? Can we convert our normal inverter to a solar inverter? Many of us may be think of this possibility because of the heavy electricity bill due to the installation of inverter. Let’s look more detail about it.

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The answer to the question is yes. We can convert any normal inverter to a solar inverter. All we need is a Solar Charge Controller. With the help of this Solar Charge Controller we can convert our normal inverter to a solar inverter. For converting a normal inverter to solar inverter we need to connect a Solar Charging Controller between solar panel and inverter.

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Most often, two type of Solar Changing Controllers are used,

  • PWM Solar Controller (Pulse Width Modulating)
  • MPPT Charge Controller (Multi Power Point Tracking)

PWM Charger is cheap and it can be used for DC wiring. If you are using a PWM Charger you need only a 7amp battery and a 50W solar panel. Basically only this small unit devices are needed for this PWM Charger. But you can increase the power of both solar panel and battery. The main specification of this is that the DC load, connection from solar panel and from battery can directly connected to this charger. There is no need of inverter for this. But you can also use inverter too. 

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MPPT Charger on the other hand is a costly and more advances sort of solar charger. It is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the match between solar panel and a batter or with inverter. They convert higher voltage output from solar panel to a lower voltage which is needed to charge the battery or to pass through inverters. 


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