business idea : Run a shop without paying rent

Business idea : Have you ever heard an offer that you need not pay any rent to the shop you are running. It is not possible to hear so. This is a business plan that can yield a huge profit without investing much on the business. Only you need a plot which is not less than an acre. This land can be either own property or a property which is taken for lease.

This is a business idea in which you need to set a plot in such a way to set up small small shops with an average area of 200 sq.ft and a parking facility. If you acquire the plot, then you need to cover the half of the plot with with aluminum sheet and from it as a large indoor like building. Then form small small shops inside it with an average of 200 sq.ft inside the covered portion of the land. The Uncovered portion of the plot is to be used for providing parking facility. After making small small shops inside the covered portion,  you need to make an advertisement such like that run a shop without paying rent. This will get a sudden attention of the people who is intended to set up or run small shops. But all you need to be cautious is that every shop must be different from that of others. Every product in the shops must be unique from the other shop.

The profit of the land owner or the person who acquire land for lease and build these premised is a small percentage of the profit of the individual shop holders. But the owner must make a unified pay system for all the shops and all those must be controlled by himself, other wise the shop holder may cheat him.

After the firm grows, he can provide the same products online and can make it delivered to the customers. all the neede thing is to set up a online selling application or website.


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