New Traffic Rules in Kerala from October

New Traffic Rules in Kerala from October
New Traffic Rules in Kerala from October

It is very rare to see any house without even a single vehicle either two wheeler or a four wheeler. Any individual with a vehicle must completely read this article carefully.


Normally if any person cause any mistake or fault while driving, the RT officer or the Police may fine us for the mistake we have made. The police will manually fill our name and other details regarding the vehicle and the mistakes will be marked in a prescribed slip and we manually pay the cash to police itself. But now the system has changed.

All the fine are to be paid online through E-pos machine. If we made any mistakes regarding our license, vehicle modification etc and are caught by any police, then the fine is to be paid either by using a debit or a credit card through e pos machine. If we dont have a debit or a credit card with us while we were caught, then that fine should be paid to the court directly. All the details regarding the committed mistakes and details regarding the fine will be send as a text message as soon as we paid the fine. Moreover we can also manage all things related to fine through  M-Paricvahan Application.

Currently this system is implemented in Ernakulam district for a trial and soon will be implemented across Kerala.

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