New Driving license Kerala | 15 digit License Number

New Driving license Kerala
New Driving license Kerala
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Here’s a new change that you should definitely be aware of if you are a person who currently has a driving license and wants to get a new driving license. The government is transferring all driving license details to the Sarathi website. Some changes are coming as part of it. Let’s take a look at the changes that have taken place in the new driving license system.


Currently, about 85 per cent of driving license information in the country is available through the Sarathi website. These are converted to a 15-digit driving license number. Existing driving licenses will have your driver’s license number and office code driving license next year can be shown below your photo on the right. There will be minor changes between these on driving licenses.

The state code of the new driving license is such that those who have changed their driving license to Sarathi do not have to contact the RTO office directly to renew it. In this way, Malayalees working in other states can apply for a license from any state. It is also possible to pay fines and pay for any driving license related requirements.

In this way, out-of-state workers can apply for a driver’s license in their home state. Likewise if you get some kind of motor vehicle related and it becomes unpaid then you can not do anything through this website. Holders of existing license validity will not have to make any changes until after the renewal.The new driving license number will be a 15-digit digital number starting at zero.Watch the video to know more.

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