How to reduce Building Cost?

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We all are very conscious in reducing the cost while building a house. Every possible chances are take into consideration for this. A famous British-Indian architect Laurie Baker mention many cost cutting tips for building house in his famous book ‘The House’. Lets discuss very effective cost cutting tips from that book.

  • Build a slope roofed house. He said this so that a slope roofed house reduces the heat absorption by the roof while it compared with a flat roofed house. And also he added to it to plant a tree in the South-West side of the house.
  • If you are building the house in a place where the plot is step to step, then build the house in the middle of the step instead of building in the side of the step. Because we can save lots of money for the foundation if building in the middle.
  • Avoid building sunshade to the house, in which, the roof is projected out.
  • Buid house with roof over hanging. This will prevent the direct contact of heat and rain over the walls of the house, thereby the cost of painting on a limited interval can be reduced.
  • Try to replace the windows which is made with steel, wood and concrete with Jalis, while constructing the house. This also can reduce the cost of building the house
  • We often build Lintels to strengthen the place of doors and windows, instead of doing so, make a brick arch. This will not only reduce cost, but also make more attractiveness.
  • If we are building the house with bricks, then we often make the bricks in english bond method. If the we pave the brick in Ractra Bond method, then we can save 25% of the brick.
  • We often build wall from somewhat inner to the basement, this will in turn reduces the volume of the house and the strength of the basement also goes weak.

These all are some of the tips that has put forth by Laurie Baker in his book.

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