Do you charge your Phone in Night? Then read this post carefully

Do you charge your Phone in Night? Then read this post carefully

There is a common notion that charging the phone the whole night cause the performance of the battery and the battery life will be reduced. And also it is a common talk that the battery may be explode if we charge the phone whole night.


Most commonly the batteries in our smartphone are either lithium ion battery or lithium polymer battery. The main specification of this batteries is that the battery will be automatically cut off after it charges completely, that means after it reaches 100 percentage. More specifically, the battery will not charge further if the battery fully charged. So, there is no problem of overcharging in those batteries.

Another notion is that if we buy a new phone and then it should be charged for 4-8 hours for the first time. But this is a wrong notion. Earlier the batteries used in the phone were nickel cadmium batteries. These batteries need to be charged for 6-8 hours to get it completely recharged. But since 2010 the batteries used in the phone is Lithium ion or polymer battery. It should only be charged maximum it reaches 100 percentage.

There were some news spreaded before 2 years that the phone got blast while using the phone in charging. It is also should not be fully accepted. There is a chance for blast if the phone got heat more than normal. then there is a chance of blst. If you are using the phone while charging then avoid multi tasking, playing games and the things that cause heavy battery usage.

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