Avoid the fear hitting the bottom of car; Simple way to increase the height of the car

Have troubled because of hitting the bottom of the car regularly? Then you must read this post carefully and watch the video for more reference. Most Cars currently coming to the market does not have much ground clearance. The ground clearance is much lower than the previously launched sedans. The ground clearance has lowered in order to increase the stability of the vehicle.

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Those who travel regularly on the hilly regions, the lowered ground clearance poses great difficulty. Here we are introducing a way to increase the height of such vehicles. The height of the vehicle is increased by attaching bushes to the suspension coil of the vehicle. There are many suspension bushes available for this purpose.

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This can be mounted without moving any of the part of the vehicle. There is no need of removing suspension or need not do anything on it. Just lift the vehicle and remove all the tyres, bushes are placed on the suspension coil. The suspension bushes are available in the market from rupees 15,000.

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The height by doing this can be increased from 20 mm to 40 mm. And this is a permanent solution to the problem of hitting the bottom. However, as it is mounted on the suspension spring of the vehicle, there is a slight reduction in the comfort of the vehicle. Therefore, do not do this in vehicles used for city drive and those who do not have a foot problem.

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