Clean the Interior of the car with 5 rupees.

Clean the Interior of the car with 5 rupees. : Do you have a car in your house? Is its seat is full of dust and dirt? Then don’t you want to clean those dirt? then here is a new way to clean the interior of the car. You just spend some moment to do this and it is a low cost method of cleaning.

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All you need is diesel (or petrol) or Synthetic vinegar 0r baking powder and a tooth brush. By using petrol or diesel, just dip a clean cloth in petrol or liquid and rub it on the seat cover. Within seconds the dirt stick over the seat cover will vanish. Likewise you can use vinegar and baking powder.

The most effective way pf cleaning is with baking powder. It removes more dirt than the other two. and also it act like as a cream, so rubbing will be more easy. But the main drawback is that, it consumes more time than the others. And also we need to rub the seat cover with soap or shampoo solution after cleaning with Baking powder.

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