Does the Light of a vehicle coming from opposite direction at night making your journey difficult? | Here is the solution

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Everyone who drive vehicle in the night may experience the difficult of the light of the vehicle coming opposite direction, most of the people will not dim the light for the convenience of the person who is coming opposite. Many times the bright light coming from the vehicle which is travelling opposite direction may cause accidents and this leads to death and injuries to the persons.


Today we are here introducing a device which automatically dim the light of the vehicle while a vehicle opposite is coming. For this a dimmer circuit is installed in the vehicle and a sensor is attached to it. Whenever The light from opposite vehicle catches the sensor, then the light in the vehicle in which the sensor and the circuit is installed, will automatically dim.  If this sensor is installed in all the vehicles then there will be no issue of the bright light.

In order to install the device in a car, the sensor is to be placed in such a way that the light from opposite vehicle reaches the sensor, and the connection from the circuit is to be connected to both the headlights and to the power. The light automatically dim and when the light falls on the sensor, then the light reached on the sensor go off, then the light come back to bright stage. This invention is made by some individuals in the time of lockdown. And this is to be marketed and also they need some firms to market this product.

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