Be cautious on purchasing Tile, Granite and Marble

Be cautious on purchasing Tile, Granite and Marble
Be cautious on purchasing Tile, Granite and Marble
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We all purchase either tile, marble or granite for the modification of our houses. This will give a Porsche look to our houses. But some times these products may get damaged easily. It may be because of the bad quality or may be the improper pavement etc. So before purchasing some factors are to be considered. So lets look what are they;


In earlier times, the most often used floorings are marbles, then it became as granite. The latest material used for flooring is the Nano Vitrified Tiles. The major factors considering before purchasing these products is the hygiene factors and other problems like the color dimming of the product, quality etc.

We mentioned earlier that the currently used material product for flooring is Nano vitrified Tiles.  The main advantage of this product is that, there will cause any problem to the material, if there happened fire. There will not be a slight color change.  Moreover any sort of color will not stick over it, and also will not break the product. These all are the main advantage of this product. Moreover the distributors of this product claim that, if any deviation happened from the prescribed quality and specification, the whole amount will be refunded.

tile is another material that we purchased for modification. There are ceramic tile, vitrified tile, double charge tile, design coating and latest model full body tile. The average rate of ceramic tile is 30 rupee per piece. and the main disadvantage of this sort of tile is that, it absorbs water. In case of vitrified tile, it will not absorb water and rate is some what close to that of ceramic tile. The other one is double charge, it cost about 10 rupees more that the vitrified tile.  For full body material it has costs about 50 rupees for a 2*2 size. it is also a better quality one.

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