Waste Water Treatment in Kerala | Drink Waste Water After Purification

Waste Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
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Waste Water Treatment in Kerala  : Can you imagine of drinking waste water? No, waste water cannot be taken for drinking. Then, What about after purifying the waste water? Can you drink it? Most probable the answer will be same as earlier. No. But however this waste water can be used for other purpose like watering plant, cleaning etc. after purification.


Today, here we introduce before you a great person, Mr. Richard, who treat waste water and make it as a clean water. The waste water from buildings, canals, roadside water etc. are treated as clean and purified water. Mr. Richard was experimenting this for last three and half years. And at last he design a machinery which makes waste water as clean and tidy water.

The water has to be treated through a designed machine. The main phase took place in the process is Aeration. In this process, the wastes from the water is get separated. and lastely it will be converted as a clean water. About 6000 litres water can be converted per hour through this process. This can be more used in industrial units. Then the amount of waste generated from the industries can ultimately avoided.

For more details contact : Richad 91 98479 22777

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