Rs.10,000 Pension per Month | What are the eligibility?-How to apply?

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The Kerala State Government has formed a new welfare board for the purpose of a pension scheme which will benefit up to Rs. 10,000 monthly. The scheme will be implemented within two months. The Government notified that this pension scheme will be almost same as that of LIC and SBI Pension Schemes. Maternity allowance, Disease allowances, Educational aid, Marriage allowances etc. will be exercised through this pension scheme.


The Pensioner will receive a certain amount of pension if any situation occurred that restrict the pensioner from working before he reaches pension period and after he reaches the pension period, he will be received the actual prescribed pension itself. Moreover, the women pensioner will receive maternity allowances twice and marriage allowance to the girl child.

The person with own land which does not exceeds 15 acres and is not less than 5 cents is eligible for this pension scheme. Since this is a agricultural pension scheme the pensioner must have own land. Moreover any individual, whose main return is based on agricultural activity, that too at least for the last three years, is also eligible to apply under this scheme.

The application process and the method of submitting the application has not yet declared by the Government. However, it is expected to be declared within two months.


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