How to make CCTV at home with 40 rupees?

How to make CCTV at home with 40 rupees
How to make CCTV at home with 40 rupees
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Is it possible to make CCTV from home? That too with only 40 rupees? You may now think that, is it possible to make cctv from home with a cost of 40 rupees. Most probably you will think that this is impossible. Yes, this is impossible to make a CCTV with just 40 rupees. But, here we are introducing a  dummy CCTV making and its installation.


Now a days it is very difficult if there is no CCTV in home and offices. CCTV is an unavoidable product to prevent our home and offices from thieves. But it is not feasible for everyone to install CCTV in home because of its cost. Normally, if we plan to install CCTV in our home, it will almost cost about 20,000 rupees. But, without investing this much of amount, we can scare away thieves from our homes by just installing a dummy CCTV. That too with a cost of 40 rupees.

If we install this dummy CCTV in our home or office, it will mislead the people who intend to steal, it as an actual CCTV. And will automatically retreat them without committing theft. This will gives us a great security. Also, as this has a small cost, we can make number of this kind of dummy CCTV.

Lets look how to make this dummy CCTV. All you need is a white colored a Bulb Holder, CD Female Port, Earphone Wire, Small Shells, Super Glue and a Fevicol.  First of all the CD female port is to be stick over the holding portion of the bulb holder with a superglue. Then the shell is to be stick over the CD female port with fevicol by keeping a uniform length between each. We can stick 6 to 10 shell over CD Female port. Then take the ear phone male port and insert it on the side of the bulb holder by simple making a hole over the holder. This will give an originality to the CCTV.

Watch the video to know the making of the dummy CCTV

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