How to Whiten the Teeth

How to whiten our teeth? Natural ways to whiten the teeth. Everyone is very happy to give a white smile on other. But, many reasons caused darkening of our teeth. Some of the causes can’t be controlled. But, there are some natural remedies to control the darkening of our teeth. Because, many of the discoloring of the teeth is caused by the life style, such as having too much coffee, tea, colas, use of tobacco etc. In this article we are introducing natural remedies of darkening teeth.

In order to whiten the teeth naturally, we introduce you the use of ginger for this. For this we need to take a piece of ginger and make it as a paste form. Then add some lemon juice to it and some a pinch of salt. Then stir these well and should be formed like a paste. Then brush the teeth with qa normal toothbrush with this paste. This paste is used instead of normal pates.

Rubbing of grated ginger over the teeth also make our teeth white. Because, in ginger, vitamin c content is more. This lets our teeth whiten. Moreover, Ginger also act as antibacterial and ant-inflammatory properties.

In addition to this the use of Basil leaves and Mustard oil also makes our teeth white. For this, the Basil leaves is to be crushed, either fresh or dried, with mustard oil. Then apply this paste directly over our teeth using normal tooth brush. This not only whiten our teeth, but also helpful in protecting the gums.

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