Coconuts that fruits in two and half years | Best Coconut Plants in the Market

In Kerala one of the major plant or the cultivation that traditionally follows is Coconut. The price for coconut varies from time to time. But does not goes beyond an extreme. Moreover, the coconut cultivation does not need much caring and does not bring you much cost. In most of the houses in Kerala has many coconut trees. So it is everyone’s wish to have plenty of coconut over coconut trees. Most often, Coconut may not grow quickly. And it takes many years to grow.

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There is a new coconut breed that grows and bear fruit quicker, i.e. with in two and half years. This breed is named as ‘Ganga Bondham’.  The main reason for the reluctance of the farmers to cultivate is that it takes many years to grow and fruit.  But this ‘Ganga Bondham’ category plats will grow and bear fruit within just two and half years. Moreover it is very easy for the farmer to spall the coconut from the plant. Because it does not grow as height as usual. It is small in size.

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There are wide variety of hybrid breed of coconut are available in the market. But none will profit the farmer as like as this breed. Moreover the immunization power of this category coconut is too high.

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