Protect Your Eyes From Mobile Screen at Night

Nowadays, people simply cannot get rid of smart phones. but eyes are very problematic.

using mobile night time cause serious : The couple found that two women between 22 and 44 had consulted with the eye doctor. The reason behind many tests and inspections was not disclosed. The doctors decided to conduct research on women’s lifestyle. Problems with perspectives on the grounds of lies are lying in their lifestyle.Of course, both of them were very active mobile users before the women had fallen asleep. The problem is how they view mobile screens due to dark surroundings and body positions. The women mentioned earlier used their phones while lying on the couch on one side. When one’s eyes look completely on the screen, the body causes a condition in this condition. In this way the light matches the eye from the screen, while other eye adjusts in the dark light. When the mobile phone is turned off or sleepy, the brain is confused because it does not understand why one day is working on “daling” control, the other being “night” mode. That’s why there is a temporary view loss. This often happens if a permanent eye can be damaged.

Use this app My Eyes ProtectionYour eyes protects when you look at the phone or tablet screen. The screen appears as a paper book page. A filtered blue light strips a special filter to protect your eyes and avoid sleep problems. Remembering reminiscent of eye exercises with healthy instructions will help to avoid eye stress.One of the best health and clean applications for complex health care and protection. Shows notification bar when different compute modes are active. It’s easy for hours to turn on or off, and it’s not a comedy. Your phone has been optimized to use very little from the battery.

The cold blue light is dangerous to the eyes and it is proven that after two years the cataracts or retinal disorders can result. This is due to insomnia due to insomnia. Because sleeping on the brain is a sleep hormone. In this application your eyes do not need expensive anti blue blue lights or film to sleep well and sleep well.

The application is detected once your eyes are locked on the screen. To relax you, you will be reminded to relax your eyes and perform special eye exercises. Eye relaxes muscles and helps moisturize your eyes. Focus on fatigue, nearness, cold and other seriousness. Do you want to maintain a good view over the years, seeing the worries, eye stress, red eyes, syndrome, dry eye, headaches, long hours of discomfort, watching sports games or videos? Eye care mode is activated!It’s great for kids! You can stop and take action to prevent your infant’s regular intervals. They have good fun, relaxed and healthy eyes.Looking at your smartphone or tablet, lcd screen, playing games, eBooks or a long time reading webpages? Do you have anxiety, dry or red eyes? Wearing glasses or contact lenses or your late eyes check failed? Then you will love this app!

Caution : The majority of people have negative influence on mobile phones, computers have eyes, but they should not. The collapse of the perspectives and the clear lighting from the screen. We do not have to fear anyone. However, health professionals at Harvard University have confirmed the connection between blue light (mobile phones, computers), different types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and overweight.

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