Are you a Gas Cylinder User? Then Read this to ensure your safety

Then Read this to ensure your safety
Then Read this to ensure your safety
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We know that almost each and every house has atleast single gas cylinder. Because it is very easy to use and very convenient. It saves our time in cooking. Moreover cooking using gas is more effective than the conservative way of cooking. As it has may advantage, it also has many disadvantages. Because, there is a high chance of explosion if handled carelessly. But, some time inspite of our carelessness some other factors also cause the explosion. Mainly because of the use of expire gas cylinder. Lets look how to identify the expiry of the gas cylinder.


We all may notice the numbers scribbled down over the gas cylinder. But all of us may not know what it intends. We think it as a mere marking over the cylinder or it may be a number which is scribbled for the sake of the dealer or the company. It is not just a number, it is the indication for the expiry of the gas cylinder. This number is marked over yellow pain over the top of the cylinder. Lets look how to identify this.

Suppose the marking over the cylinder is ‘C 22’. The letter shown in the first portion indicates the month of the expiry and the proceeding number indicates the year. The twelve months of a year is divided as four parts, which includes equal three months in each. Each part of the months are represented as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’  respectively. Look the table below to be more clear.

Indication Months
A January, February, March
B April, May, June
C July, August, September
D October, November, December

So C 22 represents that the cylinder will be expired on March 2022.  If the marking is as ‘D 25’, then it means that it will expire on December 2025. This is how the expiry of the Gas Cylinder identifies.

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