How to Polish Car? | Teflon Coating of vehicles

How to polish Car? Is Teflon Coating gives paint protection to our car? Having a Car is one of the most expensive and an important possession of an individual. So, as car is such a valuable asset, it should be maintained. Normally a car owner may focus on improving the exterior paint of the car since it give a better impression. By keeping focus on the exterior paint of the car, gives a new look to the car. In order to maintain the exterior color of the car, we adopt many ways. Among them mostly recommended way is applying Teflon coating. By applying Teflon coating over car, gives an additional protective layer to the car.


In order to apply Teflon coating we may cost a huge amount. If we enquire any car dealer about Teflon coating, they may say price which is more higher than what we expected. But, we can do Teflon coating ourselves, which will save money. So let’s look how to apply Teflon coating and what is the best product available in the market for Teflon coating. The requirements for doing Teflon coating by own;

  •  product of 3M namely Step 1 (the link for purchasing the same is given below).
  • a drilling machine or a polish machine.
  • Micro Fiber Cloth
  • Wax Coating
  • Sponge
  • Form Pad
  • Wool Pad

Now lets look how to apply the compound.

Take the machine, either drilling or polish machine and attach form pad over it. Then apply some compound over the form pad and the start rub it over the car with the machine. Then after rubbing whole area, attach the woolen pad and clean the car with it. Then apply wax and then also clean with woolen pad. Then we get a mirror like finishing.

Link for purchasing the item is given below.

  1. 3M Step 1
  2. Polish Machine
  3. Form Pad
  4. Wool Pad

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