How to Restore Headlight of Car

Protect the Headlight from degrading the color. Car Headlight Restoration methods. As time passes, the headlight of of our vehicle may degrade and form a cloud over it.

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The headlight is the major thing to be keep clean always in a car. The clean headlights not only provide a better light, but also others may evaluate you based on it. The plastic by which the headlight is made, Polycarbonate plastic, does not play well with sun. Normally, the manufacturer coat the headlight with UV protective film. But, as time passes, this film too get destroyed by the UV Rays. So lets look, How to Restore the Headlight of  Car.

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Restoration of headlight which degrade color is necessary to keep the Headlight shiny, clean and looks better. So, in order to restore the Headlight of the car, all we need is;

  • Sand Paper(Numbered P2000)
  • Rubbing Compound

First, pour some water over the headlight. Then rub with the sand paper over the headlight. If we does not pour water before rubbing with the sand paper, the Headlight may incur scratches over it. We can see a great difference just after we rub with the paper. Then we need to clean with a clean Cotton cloth. There should not remain any water droplet over it. So clean with a dry cotton cloth.

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After dry the Headlight, rub and burnish with Rubbing Cream and Keep it for 15 minutes. Then take a clean cotton cloth, and scrub over headlight in clock wise. Take time to scrub. If scrub hastily, will not get the expected outcome.

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