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Epoxy Flooring in Kerala : If we intend to floor our home, office or any other surface,  Epoxy Flooring stands out from all the conservative options of flooring. Epoxy Flooring also known as Resinous flooring is a best flooring solutions that has life long lasting, which more attractive the all others, and can be used on any surface. Moreover it gives a 3D effect to our floor. Thus it is also known as 3D flooring.

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An epoxy flooring is a multi layered flooring solutions. An Epoxy floor most oftenly has a depth of at least of 2millemeter. It can be more than 2 millimeter. All we need to apply epoxy flooring is to level the floor with concrete.

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The main advantage of Epoxy Flooring is that it resist from slipping. And also it is more decorative than the other methods of flooring. Moreover, it requires a less time to install when compared with others. The most important advantage of the Epoxy flooring is the durability. It is tougher and will last for longer than the traditional way of flooring.


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In addition, the floor can be maintained easily. As the top layer of the Epoxy Flooring has a glossy finish, any substances or any form of liquid that spilled over the floor can be mopped easily. Moreover, it is claimed that the Epoxy Flooring prevents bacteria and other fungus from growing in the nook and corner of the floor.

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