Tiles in Half Price | Cost Saving Flooring Materials in Malappuram

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Cost effective floorings. Low cost Flooring materials especially tiles. Today, we are very conscious on giving attractive flooring to our houses. We often use Tiles, Marbles or Granites for flooring solutions. Today we are introducing a supplier who provide tiles at a half and below the original price. This supplier is based on Malappuram district.


This retailer sells major brands of Tiles at very lower cost. More precisely, 6*4 tile at a rate of 30 rupees per sq.ft. But the products may have minute damages over it. This wholesaler purchase the branded products that has a minute damages over it from the manufacturer. And sells in a cheaper rate. The damages most often is the small cutting over any edge of the piece. But this can be efficiently avoided while paving in the floor. The brands they distribute includes;

  • RAK
  • Johnson
  • RR
  • Simola etc.

The tile can be purchase from her with a rate of 30-65 per sq.ft which actually cost from 200-350.

For More Details Contact : 8593917886


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