Do you have driving license | Know the new Driving License Rule from December

Driving License Rule from December
Driving License Rule from December
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it is mandate to wear helmet while driving Two Wheeler. The Central Governement Recently cleared that it is mandatory to wear helmet while riding Two wheeler. Not only the person who ride the vehicle, but also the person who sit in the back seat also must wear helmet. The Ministry of Road Transport, early fixed a fine of rupees 1000 which is to be collected from the person who is not wearing helmet while riding two wheeler. But the state Government of Kerala had reduced it to rupees 500. But the rule is going to be changed from December onwards.


The new rule in such a way that the Driving License of the rider is to be suspended for three months if ride two wheeler without helmet.  If the person who sit in the back seat does not wear helmet, then also the license of the driver is suspended for three months.

There will be a awareness program which will be conducted to the persons who does not wear the helmet if they are caught for the first time. If caught after that, then his or her Driving License will be suspended for Three months. If Caught after two times then his license will be suspended permanently and is supposed to take license from the initial stage itself.


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