How to increase the speed of internet | High speed Internet

How to increase the speed of internet
How to increase the speed of internet
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Low internet speed. How to Increase the speed of Internet. It is a common problem that we faced in our daily life. We may feel discomfort while the YouTube video buffer for log, or it takes long to open a web page and so on. So, a person who face this problem normally search in the internet for the solution for this. Or may search how to increase the speed of Internet. So here we are introducing a best trick to increase the speed of the internet.


The normal solution that is provided in the internet for increasing the speed of internet will be the changing of APN Settings. Sometimes we may have experienced an increased speed while we change the APN Settings. But here, we are introducing another method to increase the speed of the Internet. This trick is applicable for JIO sim customers. All you need to do is to call to any jio number while you downloading or uploading or using internet. This will give you a best speed in Jio Sim.

Sometimes other sim customers can also try this method. But there is a chance of shifting 4G Network to either 3G or 2G while calling.  In such cases this may not be helpful.

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