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How tp remove rust over iron? Easy way to remove rusts from iron . We may have many metals in our houses. Many of them may be mage up of iron. A common problem that occur to iron is rusting. it is very difficult to use the materials after it rusts. We may search for a solution for this and many my have done many things to remove the rust. But most often fail the task.  So in this post we will discuss with you how to remove the rust from iron easily.

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Fist of all collect or buy the listed materials.

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  • Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda)
  • A nail
  • water
  • Container
  • Two pieces of Electric Wire
  • Two clips
  • 9 Watt Battery

Firstly take the two pieces of wire and strip of its two sides. Then Connect a wire on the nail and other to the metal whose rust is to be removed. After that take a container and pour about 500 ml of water in it. Then add a table spoon of Sodium Carbonate in it.  Then connect the wire on which we connect the nail earlier, over the negative side of the battery using the clip. And the over the positive side of the battery, connect the other side of the wire whose rust is to be removed. Then Dip both Nail and metal in the sodium carbonate solution.

We can see the chemical reaction in the water just after we dip the nail and the metal in the solution. We can observe that the rust over the metal started to moved to the nail. After about 6 hours the complete rust over the metal will vanish and it become as a new shiny material. This is an easy and cost effective method to remove the rust over iron. Like wise you can remove rust from almost all sorts of iron materials in our home.

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