Ukkadam Old Market, Coimbatore | What are the product available in the market?

Ukkadam Old Market, Coimbatore
Ukkadam Old Market, Coimbatore
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Today we are introducing you a market in Coimbatore which is named as Ukkadam Old Market. This market is a famous one, in which almost all tools can be bought.


The main feature that made this market famous is the low cost of the product. We can purchase automobile spare parts, Tarpaulin, chain livers, sound system etc from this market. You can refer the video for more details.

This market is renowned as MM Ali Old market. Here all the products are selling in a low cost. In this market, the used materials are also available. And this can be availed at a low cost. Can you think of getting the spare of a car just with rupees 100 and 200. The answer will be ‘No’. But this is possible if you visit Ukkadam old market for purchasing these items. There will be at least a difference of 20-50 percent in the rates. That is, the price will be less than 20-40 percentage that the products in our local market. The second hand vehicles are also available here. This place is surrounded with such like wholesale vendors.

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