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Low Cost Tiles in R C Puram : Many of us may hear the Place named as R C Puram, which is Bangalore. The R C Puram is renowned because of the low cost dress market here.

So it is well known as the place for purchasing the Dress materials. But the inner part of R C Puram has many wholesale shops for tiles. The price of the tiles which are selling in the market will be abound half less than that of our market. So lets know more about R C Puram.

Normally the retailers in our local market are purchasing tiles from this market. The starting rate for tile is 25 rupees and varies with the range of 40,45 and so on. Normally the tiles that we pave in our bathroom, kitchen etc. get at a rupees of 25. Many of the retail outlets in our market will come and collect samples from this market and displayed in their shop. Then if a customer wants to purchase, then they will make an order in the shops in the R C Puram market and the deliver the tiles to the sites.

The wholesalers in R C Puram make purchase directly from the companies in Gujarat, place renowned of tiles. The contact of some wholesalers in R C Puram are given below.


1. Tile World,  Wholesale and Retail for all kind of wall tiles





2. Ameena Ceramics

Wall Tiles, High Lighters, Floorings


3. City  Ceramics





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