How do you avoid falling asleep while driving? Malayalees with new technology

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Driving in a sleep deprived low energy state is a terrible idea for you, the passengers you’re carrying and for the drivers around you.Now, if you are looking for a tip to shake off sleep while you’re trying to find an exit to pull over… Then here’s my suggestion for it. മലയാളം താഴെ ഉണ്ട് 

Do not be afraid that the driver will sleep while driving. Students come to innovative technology to stay away. The new technology has been introduced by the Advanced Safety System for 4 Wheelers for Drywalling while driving a mechanical section of the Adoor Sree Narayana Institutes of Technology.This technology works with the help of a well-programmed micro controller circuit board attached to the Wireless I Blazing Sensor and the vehicle.

The sensor works by looking at the eyes of the driver sleeping, and then the alarm attached to the micro controller sends the messages to the circuit board. Even if the driver does not wake up the vibrator will work on the seat.Yet if the driver does not wake up, the breaking is possible and the shock / impact absorber bumper will be fitted in front of the vehicle. In addition to the impact of accident occurring in the accident, the impact of the impact / gyro sensor attached to the vehicle and the GPS and GSM units is available to help the police station and relatives of the victims.As part of the final year of the college, Noufal, Ashwin, Harikrishnan, Gokul and Akhil have completed their three months’ time with the help of Assistant Professor Sujith, a project guide project.

Caution !

There are some sure traffic accidents during night driving, even those who have no vision like night blindness. Combining a few more perceptions with other factors – may be bad weather or fatigue, and this will increase the risks involved. While new drivers are not familiar with night driving, it’s best to keep some tips in mind when it comes to safety and night driving without mentioning confidence. Some reports indicate that traffic mortality is three times dark and dark.

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