How to Start a Textiles with 20,000 Rupees only?

How to Start a Textiles with 20,000 Rupees only?
How to Start a Textiles with 20,000 Rupees only?
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The Corona Pandemic has impacted on all the sectors of the world. Thus this impacts lead to the decline of many businesses from the market. Many businesses cannot withstand the effect of corona economically and financially.



But on the other hand, many opportunities have put forth by this crisis. And mode of businesses forced to change accordingly to withstand the situation. Many products were started to produce from household and sell it to local areas. Many took franchise of many product out lets and businesses and so on. However the advancement of social media and the activeness of people in it help many businesses to run more than profitable than pre corona stage. So here we introduce you a small business idea to set up a textile or garments shop just with rupees twenty thousand.

Online trading or doing business online is the most and major change took place during corona stage. It is very easy to set up a shop and do business online. We can use any platform of social media for this. Most commonly, Instagram is used for this online sales campaign. Anyone who is familiar with the usage of mobile phone can set up own business like this.

We just need to set up a small shops, and then we need to approach a manufacturer and buy the dress in bulk. Commonly the best materials of garments is available at Bangalore. Then buy the dress from them and market it through Instagram or WhatsApp. We all need to know only how to market it. We does not need any physical building or any thing. Just need a space to store the materials that we have purchased. Moreover we can also deliver the dresses at the door step of the customers. We can make wonderful return from this.

We can also approach the manufactures if you have any design for a specific dress material, then they will customize it for you. We then just need to have a photo shoot by wearing this material by a model and then can sell it or market it to online. This is how this business works. The more you work hard to understand the market, the more return you will get.

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