How to Polish Car from Home? | Polish car just with 400 rupees

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How to Polish Car from Home?  In every house mow a days, there will be a car. It is the dream of an individual is to have a own car. But after this dream comes true, many may feel it difficult to keep it as like it in the time of purchase.


That is, every one may feel discomfort to in using car after some years as the color of the car and its shining of the paint has diminished. So today we are introducing you the method of polishing the car from our own home. This will not cost as much as we do in a automobile service center. It will cost just rupees 400. So lets look how to do it.

Polishing our car or any of our vehicle will help in extending the beauty and life of the exterior paint. Moreover it will also reduces the scratch that has got on our vehicle. so all we requires is a waxing compound and other supporting materials. and this will almost only cost rupees 400.

For polishing the car, we need to wash the car or any vehicle with, shampoo. Then allow it to get dried. And then we need a rubbing compound and a microfiber cloth. Then just apply the wax over the exterior surface of the car. Then rub gently with micro fiber cloth. the thing we always remind is to rub the wax with micro fiber cloth in circular motion. the circular motion can either be in clock wise or in anti clock wise. But do not mix with both, that is in clock wise and in anti clock wise.

After clean with the wax we applied, then just apply the polishing compound on the surface. And the procedure we applied earlier is to be continued. Rub with the Micro fiber cloth as like as we done earlier. This will give a better result. You will be astonished to see the difference after and before doing polish. Moreover, to do a polish from an automobile shop will cost us about 1500 and by doing selves, we just need to spend only rupees 400.

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