Dish Antina Signal Setting mobile app

dish tv signal setting mobile app

One of the major problems we face in our home is the obstruction we face while watching TV due to the lack of accurate signal from the antenna. This type of signal fluctuation often occurs during rains and climate change. But often we do not know what to do when we do not get this signal. If the dish position varies,the complete signal is lost. But as a solution to this problem, here is how those who use a dish antenna on the side where it gets the signal correctly.

It is possible to set up signal on the antenna without the help of any technician using an Android mobile application. You can solve this signal problem in a very short time. First go to Google Play Store and install quick sat app. Then open the app. Now you can see two options namely single satellite and big sat. Select Single Satellite. There are a number of options to choose from.

Your location will be displayed on the screen that appears. Click the NEXT button only when the location arrives. Now you can see the codes of different brands. Choose whichever connection you have. Then click on the Next button. Need to click the next button again. Now there are three options to choose from. Now you will be shown which elevation your dish should be set on.

Select check elevation to check this. Place it on top of the current elevation dish and mount it. You will then hear a beep when you lift the dish up and reach the angle you want to set. Stop there. Next, select the azimuth option. Select according to the number available. Now a compass will come and show the angle to be set. Set the phone mounted angle on top of the dish as you did before. You can stop when the signal is comes This way you can easily set up antenna signal with your mobile phone without any help. Watch the video to know more.

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