From 1 Jan, 2021 FASTag is mandatory for all 4-wheeled

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Everyone will hear that fast tags will be mandatory on all vehicles from January but not many people know what a fast tag is. Let’s see what is a fast tag and why fast tag is used.Toll collection on newly constructed bridges and roads in our country can be seen by all. Many vehicles do not pay toll collection now.


Fasttag is a sticker that we affix to the vehicle in our vehicles. When we pass a fast-driving vehicle, we affix the fastag toll collection and connect the scanner to a radiofrequency system to withdraw money from the vehicle owner’s bank account.

I.e. ours related to radiofrequency in fast track toll collection Fast and Bank Account This is a way to link debit cards, credit cards, ATM cards, Amazon, etc. and withdraw money directly from our accounts. Fastag has already been used in many prominent classes in the country. We can also buy Fastag online through petrol pumps.

The fast tag will be mandatory from January 2021. Fastout, the electronic toll collection chip, will be mandatory for all vehicles. The central government wants to move towards a system where toll collection is 100 per cent through fast tags and direct payment is avoided.

About 80 per cent of the toll already collected on national highways is through FastTag. Therefore, driving on national highways can be very inconvenient if you do not have a fast tag on your vehicle. Toll collection has reached Rs 93 crore per day, which is going up to Rs 100 crore per day.

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