How To Choose Best Inverter And Battery For Home

The problem we usually face is that if we have many areas where there is a power outage or power cut for hours, we can find a way using kerosene lanterns etc. But in this day and age we can never see a thing using these. This is the best solution for them.

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We ordinary people do not know much about it other than hearing that it is an inverter. What to buy, where to buy, how much capacity to buy?

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There are many inverters available in the market today. India has two main types. Normal Inverter UPS Inverter What is the difference between these?

Normal inverter, as its name implies, takes some time to turn into a normal inverter.

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There are three types of UPS inverters

  • Square inverter
  • Modified sine inverter
  • Pure sine inverter

This Inverter Pure sine inverter is the best inverter this is a quality used medicine is more than anything else.

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Things to look out for when purchasing We need to know how much usage to use to select the inverter.

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Inverter with longer service life or warranty period is best. Secondly, the battery is the second thing to look at.

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