How to make money by typing job at home

How to make money by typing job at home
How to make money by typing job at home
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Scribie  is a website  use to do typing work. The main purpose of scribie is hear the audio and type it. Today majority of the people are looking job like typing job, But the majority of the website are fake or scam website are available today and also they take payment  firstly for this. But in case of scribie we can work easily without the payment. Approximately  we can earn $5 to $25 in one hour in this website.



In the front page of the site we can see transcription job submission details, at below we can see ‘join scribie as a transcriber’. Click apply option and we can see the details like Introduction, guidelines, samples and we get all other complete details form this like.

  • Payment amounts,
  • Each files will complete below 10 minutes or below 10 minutes.
  • Other option is we get bonus like, if we complete work within 3 hours get $5 will get in one month
  • Verified paypal account is must needed for payment withdrawal.(must verifies with bank a/c)

Requirement are:

  • Good comprehension of English.
  • Ability to interpret conversation.
  • Ability to apply context and identify mistake.
  • Need internet connection, desktop/ laptop and headset with mic.
  • Browser used for the work is latest version of fire fox, Chrome, safari

If you complete 6 minute work in daily you get $40 bonus in one month. There is affiliated option and referral option in this we can add people under our work, form this we got 2.5% commission from their earnings. There is auto transcribe option, from this we get transcribed text automatically, but it  have only 65% accuracy, rest we can manually verify .In Google docs also you can do the work easily. If you want to sign up click the sign up option and  select ‘ I want to work as a transcriber’ then click certification option to confirm for work and Wait for invitation link then create account After that read the guidelines and there is  text file based on the guide lines complete it, then only it get verify. After that confirm your paypal account. These all activities done mostly through fire fox browser.

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