How to Increase the internet speed |100% Working Method

How to Increase the internet speed  : The net has no speed !!! Don’t worry, go and sit in every nook and corner and play the game … Here’s a great trick for you today … There will never be a complaint that the net has no speed … You can do anything online at the same time … Do a little trick on your phone Let’s see .. then you will be shocked by the speed of the net ….

What do you think?!

Before that, first test the current speed of your net … it’s not low …

But go to play store and install speedify app ..

Now if you open it, you will see many options in it … If you enable the option of Bonding Board‌, you can combine your wifi SIM and get the speed of the net .. You can see a big change even if you check the speed ..

You can combine and use up to 24 of them … for the first 8 days it is completely free … then you can pay a certain amount to continue … if you use it you will definitely not have any more network problem …. install and all the problems of the net today Avoid …

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