How to use Google Map

How to use Google Map : Are you going the wrong way ??? Or do you have doubts about which way to go when you go down somewhere ???But you’re not going the wrong way anymore. You can easily reach anywhere with the Google MAP on your smartphone. Most people do not know about this one APP that we can use very easily …

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It is very easy for any ordinary person to use …
Let’s see how Google MAP can be used very easily.
How to use

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step 1: First turn on GPS or location on your phone.

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Step 2: If the google map you are currently using is not updated then go to Play Store and update it.

Step 3: Now open GOOGLE MAP. Now it looks like a circle on the right
Touch the section and now your starting location will be enabled automatically.

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STEP 4: Next you can hit the location you want to go to in the search here section. Now you can get all the directions from where you are now to where you want to go, from which you can choose the one that suits you.

Step 5: On most phones, all the settings are set automatically. No.
Then take the three dots above.

Step 6: Then go to settings and select KM ‌ in the DISTance unit field. Now select Navigation setting. In the Guidance volume box, set the volume loader.

Step 7: Now set the language in which you want to hear the direction, now you have the option to listen in Malayalam. Apart from this you can set all the features you want here.

Step 8: Once the old screen is back, we can take the distance we want to go by hitting the search here or hitting the GO button on the screen. Now we can see everything like two wheeler, car, train.

Step 9: Select the one we are using in this and click on the Start‌ button.

Step 10: Once you have done this, you will no doubt be able to reach the destination.

Then of course you can use this feature called Google Map …

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