learn basic electrical wiring

learn basic electrical wiring
learn basic electrical wiring
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learn basic electrical wiring : It is a condition where even a small job does not get the wiring. It is in these contexts that we realize the importance of knowing the essential wiring and plumbing work.


Wiring works that are essential to know in a home include learning to do things like fuse blowing, switch mounting, and making connections from the meter to the switch board.

Let’s learn wiring

Electrical wiring is strategic – especially for the novice. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a professional for something other than a simple job. Otherwise, you may suffer injury, damage or fire. If you are planning to complete a DIY project with an electrical component, there are some basic things to know about wiring installation.

When you do the wiring installation, you need to identify the parts of the wiring cable, non-metallic electrical cable: outer turret sheeting (jacket), and internal wires. The colored “wire” you see – green, black, red, blue or white – is actually a shield covering the inner copper wire. If you look carefully, you will see marks marked on the sheeting to let you know the number and gauge of the wires. The color of the sheeting allows you to know what each wire is doing.

How does electricity travel throughout the house?

Power is supplied to your home via the overhead or dug power lines of your electric utility. Before entering your home, electricity is passed through a watt-hour meter, which measures the amount of electricity used.

It continues to your home through a service access panel (also known as a “load center”) where circuit protection devices such as circuit breakers or fuses are located.

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