What Is Cyber Crime | How To Protect Your Self From Cyber Crime

Spending more than a few minutes on the internet will be offensive and offensive comments on social networks and comments.(മലയാളം താഴെയുണ്ട് )

It is offensive to post comments that are either obscene or obscene to someone and laughing and commenting on someone else’s posts, crossing into another’s cyber space, spreading pornographic or obscene images, video and audio. “Those who lick and share to someone else write it down. Like a writer who has the responsibility to spread it. Many people do not understand that cyberboarding is a source of evidence that can not be avoided, “says cyber forensic expert Dr. Vinod pointed to Bhattathiripad.

Kerala is in the 13th place of cyber crimes compared to other states. In 2016 28 cases have been registered in Kerala for the abuse of womanhood. “Regularly failing when cyber crime cases are brought to court. There are many reasons behind the evidence. People are less aware of such cases. The lawyer, Kalsiswaram Raj, says that the police do not get proper support from the side. Many complainants also come back when the case comes to court.

As of last year, the highest number of cyber crimes reported by Uttar Pradesh is reported to be 2639 cases. Maharashtra and Karnataka in the foreground. In Kerala, registered cases of 206 are 28. Social media is the newest weapon that can be used today to support events and support a person. Few of them accidentally perceive unconsciousness at these hardships. It is only a defamatory note in the social media that is a crime in the scope of cyber law. It’s like a person who wrote a message like a person who wrote it, and it’s good to be alert to those who are commenting on posts. The lawyer said that the case against the actress has been banned from jail for three years and a fine of Rs 5 lakh.

  • How to stop fb:fake news 

  • We all have done it. On our Facebook News Feeds, a rotten, surprising, shocking story will appear and hit the hideout share button. Later (moments, hours, days, weeks) we realize, or someone tells us that the story is a lie. Maybe we’ll delete the post, perhaps we’ll call a fake story in a comment, and we’ll forget about it. We can not understand why we helped mislead us.

  • The fastest trend across the social networks – sometimes like 24 hours, social media, breaking news cycle, and online fiction. What’s interesting about social media companies, especially Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, sometimes a fun, sometimes political and sometimes personal

  • Facebook recently started the first company to solve the problem directly: The new option to flag news feed items “This is a bad news”. Users who need users to flag “false news” will appear less frequently than news feeds and show a warning: “Many people in Facebook have reported that this news is wrong information.”

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