30 Lakhs Budget double story House Plans in Kerala Style

30 Lakhs Budget double story House Plans in Kerala Style

Today Introducing the low budget 6 BHK two storey house kerala this house is beautifully designed. The house was built on a budget of Rs 30 lakh. Built on 2500 sq ft, the front fillers have a beautiful textured work. The ground floor is granite.


The carpool leads up to the spacious seatout that leads up to Nivin. Now when you go inside the house, the first thing you see is the living area. Here you can see the sofas set up

The walls from the living room to the dining room are designed with glass. This is very attractive.

The dining room is very spacious and the dining table is set there .The walls are very attractively designed.

Now you can enter the bedroom. The bedroom is very symbolic without much work. You can see the attached bathroom

Now you can see the next bedroom, now you can enter the kitchen from the dining area. Spacious space is provided for the male kitchen.

A seat is provided outside the kitchen. The staircase is located in the dining area.

Now you can enter the upper floor and see the wide hole in the upper floor. It has three rooms and a common bathroom. Now you can enter the balcony .Where a seat is provided

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