how to download birth certificate online

In the past, everyone had to go directly to the office to get the birth and death certificates, and once the required form was filled in, they would receive the certificate on a certain day. But for those working in other states and abroad when such certificates are required in an emergency, this can be a daunting task. This is because it takes days to receive the certificate by courier from home. Moreover, having such a certificate for essential use does not have to be a special case. That is why the government has made a website for all such services and made it available. Check out how to get birth, and death certificates online

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For this, a website called Sevana, a civil registration website, is used. First open the website and then select certificate search. Then select District and Local Body Type i.e. Municipality Corporation and select Local Body. Click the submit button. Now you can see the details of different certificates, in which you have selected your certificate and select year. Fill in the certificate information in the form you receive now. After verifying with the captcha given below, click on the search button. Now click on view from the page you get. Now you can get the certificate by clicking on the print button below. This way you can save the birth and death certificates easily tgroug online.

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