5 lakhs house plans in kerala 2021 – low budget houses

This is a plan of low budget home .The total cost of this house design is only 5 lakhs. This is a budget friendly amount. The total area is 492 square feet . It is a single floor design with modern structure elevation .This house design is helpful for both low class and middle class. The structure of the house includes small sitout ,single hall ,two bedrooms, common toilet and one common kitchen. floor of each section comes only in small area ,that is sitout  is at 100cm width, there is no separation  given for dining and drawing .

Both comes under in a single floor .Tv unit is arranged at the corner of living area. when we entering to tha house, first we see the dining area .The total area of this single hall is only 132 square feet .The bedrooms are arranged in face to face position…This type of entrance doesn’t affect the privacy of the bedrooms .according to this budget, bedroom a are not bath attached.. For this, common toilet is built at centre of the two bedrooms .The area of the each bedroom is 72 square feet. This area is sufficient for setting medium size bed and a small wardrobe.

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In this plan ,the designer provide a small kitchen with 72 square feet area. At this kitchen ,we can arrange an L shape kitchen cabinets and a fridge…The 3D elevation of this house is awesome….To reduce the cost of amount, plain sunshide is given at both sides .The exterior structure is designed in modern concept by giving pargolas at sunside, beeding at parapit,fin wall at right side of the home .The designs of these home more comes in brick work and plastering.This budget is designed upto  plastering work process .The wall comes at 18 cm width.

BRICKLAYING Mini House | DIY Mini briks House making

We can again reduce the cost by taking foundation work at bricks or wholo bricks ..we can also reduce the cost by bargaining for window works plastering works and also using interlock bricks or gypsum plastering…..
Based on this excat 3D elevation,we can built this home at 7 lakhs to 8 lakhs….All though this design is an exact plan for budget homes…The budget home with moderns designs attract every single person to built their dreams…

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