cheap price wooden door in Kerala- windows available

cheap price wooden door in kerala
cheap price wooden door in kerala
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when a house is built, everyone wants to have a door made of teak in order to have a door to the house. But often a teak door can cost a large amount. Today we are talking about a place where you can get teak doors at a very low budget price.

Everything you need for a home, such as teak doors and windows, can be purchased here for Rs 5,000. You only have to spend Rs 5,000 for a standard design door made entirely of teak. The door, which is made entirely of teak door costs only Rs 6,000. All doors are made of rustic teak. Doors made of such teak are available here with a 10 years of warranty.


Polished doors are available here. Doors that are kept single on the main door will cost only Rs 8500. They will made any teak works at the discretion of the customer. They have to spend Rs 15,000 for these. The latest design front doors are also available for Rs 11,000. You can buy window frames for Rs 1150.

The standard shutter design windows are priced at Rs 1800. Modern window frames are priced at Rs 2,000 also available here. In addition to the main doors, the glass doors used in the kitchen are priced at Rs 8,000. Doors with emphasis on carvings are priced at Rs 13,500. Ready-made laminated doors cost just Rs 2,600. Mahogany doors are also available for Rs 12,500. Mahagony doors are available from Rs 1500. Glass doors in Mahogany are priced at Rs 7,500.

Those who want to buy these doors and window frames made of teak at such a low price can contact ‘Essence Land’ in Vallapuzha, Pattambi. The contact number is given below.

Contact- 8943647774

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