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Many of us often search on part-time jobs when we are not able to earn a good income from main job. But often when search a part time job most or them are fake and a lot of money is bought them but we are cheated without giving the job. But this is definitely a genuine translation job that will definitely get some revenue.

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This type of translation work can be done using a website called one hour translation. It’s little hard to get a job in the beginning but once you get it you are getting it again. The job is to translate English into different languages ​​like Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil. You can do this kind of translation using Google. Companies like Amazon, UBER provide this kind of translation work to companies and they hire people those are intersted in online jobs.

You can also work with a mobile phone. First, click on the link of the website. You have come here as a translator, so choose translate. Then fill in all your information and enter save & continue. Enter your primary native language Malayalam and entering your name, email id, etc select the second native language as you like.

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Select Source Language English. Then enter the transcription skills. The Resume, certificate can be seen on the next page. You can create a resume on Google using CV Maker. Then upload it to the page. Please enter a photo. This give a chance that the job will be easier if the photo is provided. Give a bio about yourself . Click save & continue. If you submit and you are eligible, you will receive a link in your mail.

Receiving money according to words means that not depend on number of work but can earn a good amount of money from the work. The cost of a single work is around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000. Here you can see all the information about your project. Download the Google Translator app on your mobile phone and you can easily translate words using this one app. You will get a good amount like this.You can transfer money to your bank account using pay pal or using a card from this website itself.You can watch the video to learn more about this job.

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