This small battery is enough Everything in the house works

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Many of us don’t know how to run all kinds of appliances in the home using a small battery. But with more than 25 DC batteries, you can run all your home appliances like this. Here’s what it takes and how to connect it.

This can be done by connecting 25 batteries. It takes two or three connectors to connect these. First remove all batteries from the outside insulation. A battery can have up to 9 volts. When 25 are connected in this way, there will be 235 volts. Look at the positive side and the negative side of the battery and connect the two to each other. This way all the batteries need to be connected to each other.


Then connect and check the total voltage of the batteries. Approximately 244 DC votes will be received. Next insert each connector on both sides. The battery should come in the form of plus on one side and minus on the other side. Then Connect the bulb that operates on an AC volt to the current built-in DC battery.

The bulb is burning. This is an experiment where children can do at home. It can also be used to charge mobile phones. In this way, the soldering iron can be heated and all the equipment can be operated in a short time. The only thing is that you can not use more time. It works on all devices that can be powered by AC at 220 DC.

This DC battery can definitely be used in case of an emergency when there is no power. It can run all kinds of electronic devices such as mixi laptops. Devices that use mechanical switches are more likely to be damaged if they work. But this does not happen in electronic devices. But there are a few things to keep in mindDC current will not be able to run for long. Not only use this for regular use but it is also something that students are only to learn. Those who want to know more can watch the video.

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