How to make RAM Pump?

Many of us do not know how to get water up from a place without the help of electricity for agricultural purposes and so on. RAM PUMP is a system used to pump water from a place to a farm, usually during the hot season. Such a system can be used to bring water from the falls and flowing water to the required places. During good rainy seasons the water can be tied up somewhere and then in the absence of water it can be pumped to the destination using such a pump. Here’s what it takes to build a RAM pump and how to build it.

Two check valves, an air tight plastic bottle, the bottom of which is to be cut with a knife, and the PVC pipe cut to fit the set are all required to make RAM PUMP.First cut the PVC pipes to the required size and number. Connect them to each other. Connect the check valve to it. It should be down side arrow in such a way that each check valve comes down.

Another piece of PVC piping should be placed in the middle and the control valve should be placed in the opposite direction to what was done earlier. Because from here the water has to reach the top. Place a piece of PVC on top of it and make a T-shape on top of it. From this,insert a joint with a piece of PVC pipe. Connect one inch-sized control valve to control the water. In the same way insert a control valve at the bottom. Re-join the piece of PVC pipe at the ends of the control valve.Glue the top part with gum on an air tight bottle. Now the RAM PUMP is ready.

Next connect the ram pump with a pipe from the water. First pour water into the pipe and check if it is working. Then open the check valve. Now you can see the water coming out. Then the water comes out through the water pipe. This way you can get water from the stagnant water to any destination you want. But one major drawback is that about 60 percent of the water goes to waste. You can use only the remaining water for your needs.

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