solar indoor lighting system low price in kerala

During monsoons, power outages are common in our country. In such a situation the inverter does not have to be in every home. And the cost of an inverter is very high. As a solution it can be used not only in homes but also in shops and so on. Here is an introduction to a solar indoor lighting system. Let’s see what are the features of this solar indoor system.

With this brand of LIGHTKIN Solar Indo Lighting System, you can use lights when there is no electricity. They are made in a portable form. Moreover, its size is small compared to that of a standard inverter. A brochure that includes all the information. A fuse,5 watt 6 volt solar panel used for this purpose is provided along with a 5m cable and the pin required to connect it. It also includes three lights and a control unit.

There is a fuse point in the control unit to which the fuse should be connected. Of the three lights,two are standard 5 volt lights and 1.8 volt lights. A 5m cable is provided for 2 lights and a 10m cable for the third light. An LED display for charging and an LED for indicating that the battery is low are provided on the main board on the outer board. The solar panel should be placed on top of the house so that all the water goes out. The cable must be connected to the main unit brought down. While charging the LED will appear in green. The light can be adjusted and used anywhere.

The lighting is provided with an accompanying clamp. The lights can be turned on as per your requirement. Lighting all three lights in this way will definitely result in better lighting when there is no current. Even if all of the lights is used together, the backup will be available in about five hours. True, If you only use it for two to three hours a day, you can use it again the next day as a full charge.

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Inside the control unit a battery and other systems needed to control a battery. They have a built in battery that can be pulled out and replaced. The battery will not have any problems for three to five years.9 AH, 6v battery is used for this. The panel should be set above the terrace in such a way that it receives sun from all sides. After that the cable can be connected to the unit for the bottom and the lights can be used. The price for this is 6000 rupees. If you need a system with less battery capacity, it uses 5W and 6V batteries. It uses a 4.5 AH 6v battery. Priced at Rs 5500, it can be purchased for Rs 3900 on offer.

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