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Everyone dreaming of owning a car. But often the financial situation is a barrier to buying a new car. It is in this context that everyone thinks about used cars. But when buying a used car, has to think about whether it will get service or loan facility. But today we are getting to know a place where you can get cars that are budget friendly in good quality including three free services.

The 2009 model Maruti 800 is the first car to be introduced. AC facility is available in the car which has no replacement history. Currently, the car in Second Ownership has a total mileage of 80,000 km. The asking price is one lakh five thousand rupees.


The next car is the 2002 model Santro. The car with power steering can be purchased for Rs 50,000. The new tax will be paid by them.

The next car is the Maruti 800, which has been equipped with AC facility model 2007. The interior of this car, which has traveled about eighty thousand kilometers, is all in good condition. The vehicle will be available for Rs 85,000.

The 2002 model Maruti 800 had a total mileage of 80,000 km. A car with all the tires in good condition is available for around Rs 60,000.

The next is the 2006 model Maruti MPFI. This standard car can be purchased for Rs 60,000.

The car is a 2007 model Maruti 800 type one engine carburetor with all the good interior settings and the asking price is just under Rs 25,000.

The next car is the 2002 model carburetor Maruti 800. The seat cover and stereo all need to be changed. You can buy a car for Rs 58,000.

The 2018 model Alto 800 has a total mileage of 28000 km. The interior is all well done, including the car’s central lock system. The price of a single ownership car is Rs 275,000

The 2007 model alto LX can be purchased with the company service for Rs 95,000. The total distance covered was seventy thousand kilometers.

2010 Model A Star lxi Mileage 16 to 17 The asking price is 175000 rupees.

The 2012 model Alto LXIcan be purchased for Rs 1,90,000.

The Ertiga vdi second option car gets 20 km as an image. The 2015 model diesel car comes with all the Ford Power Window central locking features. The total distance covered was 67000 km. The car, which is in single ownership, is asking for Rs 6,30000 rupees.

The 2001 model wagon ran a total of one lakh price is 85000.

The next is the 2009 model alto lxi. The total distance covered was 73,000 km. The asking price is Rs 1,60,000.

The 2013 model alto lxi is priced at Rs 225,000.

The 2009 model alto lxi has run over 100000 km. The asking price is Rs. 1,45000.

The next car is the Chevrolet Beat which has run 2000 km. The price of the 2012 model car is Rs 1,45,000. Diesel variant car.

The next car is the Chevrolet spark which has ran 75000km. The price is 1,15000.

Next up is the 2006 model Tata Indica. The price of a 1 lakh km car is Rs 45,000.

Those who want to buy used cars can contact the Kottarakkara True Value Office. Finance facility is available for vehicles above 2009 model. Watch the video to know more.

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