How to increase Ceiling Fan Speed

How to increase Ceiling Fan Speed
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Summer is here, so we’re all looking for ways to reduce the heat. Buying an AC can be a daunting task for most people. In such a situation most people are currently thinking about how to increase the seeling fans speed in our home. You can increase the speed of the fan by using some ways.

First put down the fan you are using and loosen all its leaves. Each leaf has two screws that need to be loosened. Then check the face neutral and the connection. The capacitor shows a white color on the top of the fan. The fan speed decreases when the capacitor becomes compliant. The capacitor can be purchased from electrical shops for around Rs 20. Its capacity is 2.5 microfarads. After all the wiring is done, put a screwdriver through the part hanging on the ceiling and try to switch it on.


Now if not spinning at all then just spin one and look away. The problem with the fan not turning is when there are bearing and winding problems. Such problems can only be detected by looking at the fan. All the winding connections can be loosened by screwing the connector. Then remove the capacitor . A star screwdriver can be used for this. Then unscrew the three screws above the fan. Now a winding can be seen as two covers. Rotate your center of rotary part.

This is called fan bearing. The bottom and top will have each beer. If it is tight when rotated, fix it with any lubricant. If the fan still does not gain speed, the bearing must be replaced. You have to buy a new one according to the number written on the beer. The outer winding is known as running and the inner winding is known as starting winding. The power supply is provided from it. After connecting the two winding wires and inserting a common wire from the neutral, check them with a multimeter.

Put the multimeter in continuity and insert it into the common wire. Give the other part to the starting wire. If the value does not show anything then there is a shot problem somewhere. Check the running winding in the same way. If the value is displayed, it means that it is getting continuity. Connect one to the wires and body. Check the starting winding physically. In such a case it is better to do the repair given out. Most shops charge between Rs 300 and Rs 400. After rewinding, all the parts are tightened as before and the shaft is rotated to see if it is rotating well and the beer is not compliant. After giving the connection, you can check again if the leaf work is done in the same way as before. This way you can increase the speed of your fan.

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